Campus Advocacy Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for using Safer services - please use the following form to let us know your thoughts and feelings about your experience working with our advocates.

The atmosphere of the Safer office is both welcoming and comforting.
I feel that the Safer staff is easily accessible.
Scheduling an appointment with my Crisis Advocate was easy.
My Advocate exhibited a high level of knowledge about resources on campus and in the community.
My Advocate listened actively to me during my appointment.
I felt that my immediate needs were addressed during my appointment.
Choose all that apply
Validated my experience and feelings
Assisted me in establishing a short-term plan for addressing my immediate safety and well-being
Assisted me in establishing a longer-term plan for addressing the circumstances that brought me into Safer
Offered me options for on-going support (counseling, RISE services, Stand Strong services, groups on campus etc.)
Evaluated my social support system
Informed me of Safer walk-in hours (M and F from 10a-12p)
Made me feel comfortable to share about my experiences to the extent I wanted to
Considered my particular needs, specific situation, cultural and linguistic context, membership to certain organizations or entities, or the relationship dynamics between all parties involved in the telling of my experience
Left me feeling better-supported than I had felt prior to my Safer appointment
Very Negative Very Positive

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