Respect the rights of others

  • Get verbal consent from your partner, and don't assume you know what the other person wants.
  • Don’t feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to. “I don’t want to” is always a good enough reason.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, get to a safe place and call for help.
  • Listen to your partner. If you are getting unclear messages, stop.
  • Sexual Assault is a felony in the state of CA. Sentencing can include up to 10 years in prison, fines, and psychiatric treatment.
  • Perpetrators are responsible for sexual assaults. Perpetrators take advantage of vulnerability and seek opportunities to commit sexual assaults.
  • Listen to the messages your partner is giving. Be sensitive to both verbal and nonverbal communication. Ask. Double check that you both are doing what you want.
  • The absence of the word "no" does not constitute consent. Make sure you have consent by asking your partner what they want to do. If your partner seems confused or unsure, it's time to stop.
  • Remember that having done something sexual previously is not a blanket "yes" for the future.
  • Remember that your partner can change "yes" to "no" at any time. Respect their choice.
  • Never slip anyone any type of drug. Not only is this illegal, but you don't know what effect a drug can have on someone.

Increase your safety

  • Communicate clearly. You have the right to say "no" or "I'm not sure."
  • Go to a party with friends, not alone. Keep track of your friends and leave with them. Don’t leave alone of with someone you don’t know well.
  • If you choose to drink, be careful. Offenders often take advantage of people who have been drinking. Watch your drink.
  • Know which behaviors constitute sexual assault and rape. Understand that most incidents occur between people who know each other.
  • If something happens, it wasn't your fault. You have the right to get anonymous or confidential support from resources on campus and off campus.
  • If a friend decides to leave a party with someone else, talk to them about their safety. If you are worried about someone, it's ok to try to protect them from harm.

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