Our rape crisis and domestic violence counselors have completed 65 hours of intensive training to be certified by the state of California to support and advocate for survivors of sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.

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You can also call (805) 756-2282, email safer@calpoly.edu, or walk-in to UU 217 to be directed to the Safer office to make an appointment. 

Christina Kaviani, M.A.
Christina is the director of Cal Poly Safer. She has been helping survivors of sexual assault since 2007 and truly enjoys advocating and guiding people through their healing process. Christina, as well as the entire Safer program, strives to put students and their well-being as a top priority. She is state-certified as both a domestic violence and rape crisis counselor. 
Kara Samaniego
Kara is the Coordinator for Safer. She has been an advocate for survivors of sexual violence since 2009 and is a state-certified domestic violence and rape crisis counselor. She loves using her passion for ending sexual assault to empower, educate, and inspire other students to take action. 
Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez is a graduate student receiving her Master's in Counseling and Guidance, emphasizing on Higher Education and Student Affairs. She received her Bachelor's degree in Earth Science from California State University, Fullerton in spring 2014. As a Graduate Assistant, she says she is very fortunate to work with students who are passionate in the work to end gender-based violence. 
Rachel Smith
Rachel is working on her Master's Degree in Counseling and Guidance with an emphasis in Higher Education and Student Affairs. She completed her undergraduate education last June at the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Feminist Studies and a minor in Education. She is currently working as a Graduate Assistant at Safer, directly overseeing the Education Team, and looks forward to dedicating her career to ending gender-based violence on university campuses. 


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