Campus Survey On Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a significant challenge for colleges and universities nationwide. Conducting regular climate surveys is a recommended best practice to better understand and address the issue of gender- and power-based violence. Understanding student awareness of reporting policies and victim resources, student attitudes about sexual violence, and student perceptions of how the university community is addressing the problem of sexual violence are critical pieces in the process for bolstering campus prevention and response to this issue. 

In Winter 2020, Cal Poly conducted a campus climate survey about gender- and power-based violence. The Social Science Research Lab (SSRL) at San Diego State University was responsible for the design, program, and distribution of the survey to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Cal Poly during the Winter 2020 quarter. 

Please view our findings summary here!

Seeking Confidential Support 

Make an appointment with a Confidential Campus Advocate, who can offer emotional support, share your options, and assist you in accessing additional resources.

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