Mustangs for a Safer Campus

We know that violence prevention happens within communities - those powerful bonds and social structures can make for incredibly impactful culture-change campus-wide.

Mustangs for a Safer Campus is a collaborative of passionate students with two main branches:

As athletes, we are very familiar with hierarchies of power and are susceptible to the exploitation of those power differentials (coaches, administrators, team captains, other student-athletes, managers, and even non-athlete students belong to athletic systems of power).

The goal of Athletes for a Safer Campus is to create a dialogue and learning space for Cal Poly student-athletes to foster healthy relationships and change the culture that surrounds gender- and power-based violence in sports. If you are interested in being a leader and an ally for your team, Athletes for a Safer Campus is the place for you to cultivate those skills.

Runners are often discouraged from running alone at night; so every year, ASC hosts the Annual Night Relay - an event that reclaims the night as an act of resistance. 

Interested in getting involved? Email Jennifer at

With roughly 20% of the Cal Poly student population affiliated with Fraternity & Sorority Life, the potential for change-making within this community is tangible. FSL for a Safer Campus is comprised of passionate chapter members eager to shift our culture to one of anti-violence and equity, and cultivate leaders on our campus.

FSLSC is a group of passionate Greek students that:

  • host dialogues within your chapters
  • host community-wide events
  • send monthly newsletters
  • develop social media outreach
  • set community norms in their chapters & councils
  • advise Safer on prevention strategies
  • support Safer Action Months

Interested in getting involved? Fill out our interest form here.


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