Safer Leadership Training

Our Safer Leadership Training is a 9-week extracurricular course about gender- & power-based violence prevention & response. This training is offered quarterly during the academic year!

By taking this training you are taking the first step in becoming a campus leader to end all forms of gender- and power-based violence, including sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, exploitation, and stalking. Learn how to be an ally to survivors, as well as engage in campus- and community-wide prevention efforts! This course is taught through an intersectional social justice & public health lens.

After completing our Safer Leadership Training (SLT), you will:

  • Contextualize the movement against violence within broader movements of anti-oppression, anti-supremacy & de-colonization
  • Have extensive knowledge of topics regarding sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking
  • Understand dynamics of healthy relationships, healthy sexual experiences, boundaries, communication and roots of equity
  • Gain confidence responding to disclosures of gender- & power-based violence
  • Learn the neurobiology and psychology of trauma
  • Demonstrate positive bystander intervention behaviors & pro-social norm setting
  • Articulate public health models and frameworks for violence prevention
  • Differentiate various reporting and justice pathways (law enforcement, Title IX, legal system, restorative/transformative justice)
  • Learn from on- & off-campus resources
  • Present an Action Project that could turn into a volunteer opportunity!

Our Safer Leadership Training is interactive and discussion-based, conducted by Safer professional staff in collaboration with our student peer leaders, as well as on-campus and off-campus community resources. 

Spring Quarter 2024

Fridays ∙ 10am-12pm
9 Class Sessions (Weeks 1-9): 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24, 5/31
Optional Volunteer Orientation: 6/7

*All sessions are mandatory if seeking a volunteer position with Safer. Excused absences can be discussed on a case-by-case basis, and will need to be made up within the following week.*

Applications are currently closed, as SLT is in session. Please sign up for our interest list here!


“SLT is hands down the best experience I've had at Cal Poly. Everyone around me was incredibly supportive and I learned how to be a better person and advocate for the people around me.” 

“This is a place you will want to be, and an organization you will want to be a part of.” 

“Caring about the community is one thing. Taking actions to affirm the community’s wellbeing is another. SLT is a catalyst in harnessing your care into action.” 

“I feel like the skills and information I've learned through SLT will serve me for a lifetime.” 

“SLT helped me feel more comfortable knowing there are people on campus who will truly look out for you.” 

“Safer changed the way I viewed violence prevention at Cal Poly. We are all capable of implementing change to make our campus safer.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SLT cost money?

No - it is completely free!

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, if you'd like to volunteer/intern with us in the future. To complete SLT you must attend all sessions, unless previously discussed with the instructor. If you have any known absences, please reach out!

What does volunteering look like?

It's very individualized - we will meet with you for a volunteer orientation after SLT where we can dive into all of the options. You can shadow our presentations, booth with us, or spearhead your own project!

How can I get more involved?

After completing SLT, you are eligible to volunteer, intern, and work with the Safer program! We recruit our student staff in the spring, for full academic-year placements.

I have class right until 10 - can I still join?

Yes, absolutely! We will get started on Poly time (10 after).

How often do you offer SLT?

Every quarter! If the timing doesn't work for your schedule, sign up for our waitlist for the following quarter. Sessions will always be Fridays 10am-12pm, but locations may vary.

Is there homework?

Nope! Everything you will learn will be in our sessions together. There is a collaborative group project toward the very end of the quarter, that may take ~1 additional hour outside of our meetings together, based on your own schedule/capacity.

After completing Safer Leadership Training, you are eligible to volunteer, intern, or work with Safer! click here for more information about each of these opportunities.

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