Safer Leadership Training

Our Safer Leadership Training is an 8-week extracurricular course about gender- & power-based violence prevention & response. This training is offered quarterly during the academic year!

By taking this training you are taking the first step in becoming a campus leader to end all forms of gender- and power-based violence, including sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, exploitation, and stalking. Learn how to be an ally to survivors, as well as engage in campus- and community-wide prevention efforts! This course is taught through an intersectional social justice & public health lens.

After completing our Safer Leadership Training (SLT), you will:

  • Have extensive knowledge of topics regarding sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking
  • Know how to respond when someone discloses they have experienced gender- & power-based violence
  • Demonstrate positive bystander intervention & pro-social norm setting
  • Connect issues surrounding identity socialization with primary prevention efforts - how gender- & power-based violence is linked to a culture of oppression & supremacy
  • Learn the neurobiology and psychology of trauma
  • Understand the criminal and investigation processes
  • Learn from county resources for survivors & loved ones

Our Safer Leadership Training is interactive and discussion-based, conducted by Safer professional staff in collaboration with our student peer leaders, as well as on-campus and off-campus community resources. 

Spring Quarter 2022

8 sessions ∙ April 8 - May 27
Fridays, 10am-1:00pm

Missed this round? Email to be added to the waitlist for next quarter!

After completing Safer Leadership Training, you are eligible to volunteer, intern, or work with Safer! click here for more information about each of these opportunities.

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