Gender-Based Violence Statistics

Sexual Assault 


Dating & Intimate Partner Violence

Crime Statistics

  • Only 2–10% of sexual assault reports are estimated to be false, a rate that does not exceed the false reporting rates of other crimes. Incorrect, exaggerated statistics are often used to invalidate survivors’ experiences (Violence Against Women 2010).
  • 0.6% of rapists will be incarcerated for their crime; 99.4% of rapists will walk free (RAINN 2012).
  • Only 12% of college survivors report the assault to law enforcement (White House Council on Women and Girls 2014).

Marginalized Groups

  • 74.9% of bisexual women, 46.4% of lesbians, and 43.3% of straight women have reported sexual violence (other than rape) during their lifetimes; 47.4% of bisexual men, 40.2% of gay men, and 20.8% of straight men have reported sexual violence (other than rape) in their lifetimes (National Sexual Violence Resource Center 2015).
  • 25% of transgender individuals have been sexually assaulted after the age of 13 (Effects of Violence on Transgender People 2012).
  • 33.5% of multiracial women, 26.9% of Native American women, 22% of Black women, 18.8% of white women, 14.6% of Hispanic women, and 6.8% of Asian/Pacific Islander women have been sexually assaulted (White House Council on Women and Girls 2014).
  • Individuals with a disability are three times more likely to be sexually assaulted than individuals without a disability (Crimes Against Persons with Disabilities 2011).
  • Undocumented immigrant survivor statistics are difficult to estimate, as deportation can be used as a threat against reporting the crime. Immigrant survivors may also not be aware of their area’s resources and services (National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project 2013).
  • 13% of homeless women had been sexually assaulted in the previous year, and approximately half of those women were assaulted at least twice; this compares to 1% of women nationally who have been sexually assaulted within the previous year. 43% of homeless women were abused as children (White House Council on Women and Girls 2014).
  • 14% of females and 4% of males have been sexually assaulted in prison by another prisoner. 34% of bisexual males, 39% of gay males report having been sexually assaulted by another prisoner (Bureau of Justice Statistics 2008).

Impacts of Rape and Sexual Assault

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