What to Expect

When you meet with a confidential advocate, they will inform you of Safer’s services, campus and community resources, reporting options, and any additional relevant information. You will have the opportunity to share as much or as little as you’d like regarding the circumstance that brought you to Safer. The advocate will listen and offer support, validation, empathy, and space to process. This is not a therapy session but rather is a starting place for your healing journey. Session’s last for approximately 50 minutes with the opportunity to schedule follow up appointments.  

How to best prepare for a virtual appointment: 

  • Find a private setting to attend your appointment  
  • If you can't find a room to yourself, consider selecting a phone-based appointment and taking a walk outside. 
  • Use headphones for Zoom video conferencing whenever possible. 
  • Do not share your Zoom link with anyone else, unless they are a safe individual that is attending your appointment as a supporter. 
  • For video conferencing, sit in a windowless corner or angle your device so that onlookers cannot see your screen. 
  • Share any concerns for your safety with the Advocate beforehand 
  • On Calendly scheduling, there is a prompt asking if it's safe for the Advocates to identify themselves as "calling from Safer." Select "No" if it is unsafe for anyone in your home or anyone who has access to your devices to have knowledge that you're reaching out to support services.  
  • For any additional information pertaining to your safety, privacy concerns, or other outlying details that affect your access to phone-based or Zoom video conference technology, please email safer@calpoly.edu to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. 

Thank you for continuing to seek help despite these additional barriers in an unprecedented time! 

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