Safer Solidarity Statement

Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives

Safer stands in support of Black and Brown communities and against systemic racism and violence that has resulted in trauma and loss of valued lives. Black lives matter. Gender- & power-based violence is rooted fundamentally in power and control and is inextricably tied to the systems and institutions that perpetuate systemic racism. The issues of racial injustice and gender- & power-based violence directly intersect, and we cannot fully support survivors & dismantle rape culture without committing to the liberation of all marginalized identities.  

In community, 

Gillian Cutshaw, Campus Advocate 
Jennifer MacMartin, Prevention Specialist for Gender-Based Violence Initiatives 
Kara Samaniego, Assistant Director of Wellbeing 
Meg Stuart, DOJ Grant Coordinator 
Sara Wilson, AmeriCorps VIP Fellow 

Here is what Safer is committing ourselves to:

  • Continue to center anti-racist and anti-oppression work in our gender- & power-based violence prevention and advocacy. 
  • Strive for diverse representation among our student and professional staff. 
  • Commit to practicing cultural humility and continuing education about the intersections of systematic oppression and violence.  
  • Partner with programs and organizations that are centering BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) voices and experiences. 
  • Collaborate with Title IX, law enforcement, and community partners to ensure a safe community for all our students, faculty and staff. 

If you need support, please know the following confidential services are available to you: 

To further educate about how racial justice is connected to violence prevention: 

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