Terms & Definitions 

Having a conversation begins when we’re all on the same page about language. Learn more about the terms we use and Safer’s definitions. 

Statistics & Prevalence 

How often do these types of violence occur – nationally and at Cal Poly? And what can we do with this information? 

Sexual Violence 

An in-depth look at the umbrella term of sexual violence. 

Intimate Partner Violence 

An in-depth look at intimate partner violence, also known as dating/domestic violence. 


An in-depth look at stalking, an often romanticized form of violence. 

Clery Act and Timely Warnings 

How does our university communicate about instances of violence? Learn more about campus policies here. 

Safer Travels 

If you are studying abroad, click here to learn more about navigating consent and relationships while traveling. 

Further Research 

Are you passionate about diving deeper into violence prevention research? We’ll offer some resources to get you started. 

Remote Resources During COVID-19 

COVID-19 has changed the way we access resources and engage with our community. We created a resource guide to break down any barriers. 

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