Safer Travels

What is Safer Travels?

Safer Travels is a campaign and curriculum developed between Safer and the International Center.

Studying abroad can be a liberating, life-changing experience. However, we are aware that being in a new environment, unaccustomed to cultural norms and expectations, students can become more vulnerable to acts of violence.

Safer Travels seeks to educate students about these risk factors so that all Cal Poly students know how to keep each other safe and take care of each other in their host country. We present materials about how to prevent, intervene, and respond to these types of violence, as well as resources for survivors. We are grateful for our partnership together and look forward to engaging with you all as you embark on your adventures!

Creating a Safer Travels Plan

We encourage all travelers and study abroad students to develop a "Safer Travels Plan" before embarking on their adventure. This is a personalized worksheet aimed to assess safety before getting on the plane, while settling into your temporary housing, and before exploring the new environment.

Click here to access the Safer Travels Plan!

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