Responding to Gender Based Violence and Oppression

Response to gender based violence and oppression abroad, especially sexual assault, is very similar to Safer's practices at home.

  1. Physical safety and medical attention: Seek physical safety from the attack and receive immediate medical attention if necessary.
  2. Mental and emotional health: Provide whatever is necessary for the survivor to feel safe, comfortable, and supported. 
  3. Belief and support/ Seeking advocacy: Find a friend or advisor who can support the survivor and connect them to resources. 
  4. Reporting Options: Decide on whether or not to report and how to file a report in that country. Some countries require a report made in-country in order to prosecute. Keep in mind that if you disclose an experience to Cal Poly faculty or staff, they will have to report to Title IX under their positions as mandated reporters. This means you will receive an email from Title IX about your rights and options for reporting, but your privacy will be maintained, and reporting is entirely optional. 

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