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Fall Quarter 2023 Workshops


Supporting Survivors of Gender -and Power-Based Violence  

Monday, October 16th from 1:10 to 2:00PM 

Safer is offering a one-hour workshop on how to best support students and colleagues who have experienced sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, stalking, harassment, or exploitation. This training is designed for faculty and staff who are new to this subject matter and will cover topics including how to respond to disclosures, how to apply trauma-informed techniques in your classroom and workspace, and information about campus and community resources.   

Content Warnings   

Thursday, October 26th from 9:30 to 10:30AM 

 Have you ever wondered whether you should be using content warnings in your class or programming? This workshop discusses content warnings and their effectiveness vs. their potential to cause harm. Participants will have the chance to examine the impact of putting these warnings on their materials and consider multiple perspectives. We will look at recent research as well as feedback from Cal Poly students involved with the Safer program.    

The Value of an Advocate 

Tuesday, November 7th from 1:10 to 2:00PM 

Why do Campus Advocates exist on our campus and throughout the CSU? What is the benefit of working with Campus Advocates? Safer is offering a workshop to explore the ways that our state-certified Advocates can serve our campus partners and positively impact the survivor experience at Cal Poly. Participants will learn about what research says about the presence of Advocates, and the ways in which they can partner with Safer to create a stronger network of support for survivors on our campus.

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