While You're Abroad

While you’re abroad, you still have access to all of Safer’s resources, including crisis counseling and support with our full-time advocates. These services are available to you as both a survivor and/or a supporter. If you are in immediate danger, contact local authorities immediately.

Cal Poly Resources:


Options for accessing an advocate:
  1. Contact Safer directly via email (safer@calpoly.edu), phone (805-756-2282) or our scheduling site to receive confidential crisis counseling. 
  2. Reach out to Abroad program faculty/staff
    • Keep in mind that they are mandated reporters and must report to Title IX. The process thereafter will be optional and you will be contacted through Safer. 
  3. If you are already receiving Safer services, contact your Advocate in advance to arrange a regular email or phone session. 

Title IX

Contact information: crco@calpoly.edu, 805-756-6770
Hours: Monday- Friday, 8am-5pm PST
Students abroad can report to Title IX, but only if each party is a current affiliate at Cal Poly. 

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